Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday #47-January 30, 2010

Cross Country Skiing--Jen, Terri and Amy

A pretty perfect day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday #46-January 23, 2010

Usually, I plan out my Saturday activities well in advance. For example, Jen and I planned a couple of weeks ago our fun things for January 30 and February 13 and I'm really looking forward to them!

This Saturday was no exception. I had fun things planned. I even passed on a few invitations to do fun things because I was already committed to my original activities.

But then life throws a curve ball and things get dicey and plans all get shot to heck. And I've discovered, THAT'S OKAY! In fact, doing nothing every once in a while is necessary! And so, this Saturday, the extent of my fun was sitting on my couch and catching up on all my DVR'ed shows. The down time was needed and now I think I can face the rest of my life--or at the very least, the next week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saturday #45-January 16, 2010

I'm following Jen's lead and spent a fun Saturday afternoon with my neice.
This is Lauren. She is 2.
And she makes me smile!

So, off we went to the mall for some fun adventures.
Only ours were a bit different then Jen & Abby's...

First we threw pennies into the fountain near Macy's. Lauren LOVED it! She giggled and squeeled every time she threw in a penny. It was the happiest $1.00 in pennies I've ever spent.

Basically I just followed Lauren's lead to see what she wanted to indian artifacts...or a pin wheel pen...

Lauren had fun looking at the Build-A-Bear store, but wasn't interested in getting one herself. (Saved me $40! Whew!) And she loved the duckies on display at Bath And Body Works.

We probably spent 20-30 minutes in the Disney store looking at all the fun things there. Aunt Amy had to try on a pair of ears...

We stopped for lunch at Pretzelmaker, of course! (For those who don't know, I use to do marketing for Pretzelmaker franchises. I love pretzels and was really sad when the business was sold to a company in NYC! Really, there is nothing better than warm bread with butter and salt! Yummm!)

And then we spent some time in the tree house at the far end of the mall. Well, Lauren spent time in the tree house. I ran around trying to keep my eye on her and grab some photos, while trying NOT t0 running over the half a billion other little kids who were all there too!

Lauren and I have lots in common! One thing we both love...SHOES! We stopped at Payless and she tried on a few pairs. Cute white sandles with a bit of a heal, and then these blue and pink water shoes which were probably 3 times bigger than her foot. I laughed so hard watching her try to walk in them. I think she wanted a HSM purse...another thing we both love (purses, not HSM)...but Aunt Amy couldn't be pursuaded.

After the mall, we stopped at a few other stores on the way home. At JoAnn's we found this fun pin wheel that was Lauren's prize for the day. We had fun taking turns huffing and puffing to make it spin and I was reminded about the importance of simple pleasures.

It was a fun day! And something I'm sure we will do again...

The End...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saturday # 45 BYU Museum of Art & A Cherry Tart

Today I decided to experience the arts.. both the visual and the "eatable." So I drove to Cougarland to visit BYU's art museum. Couple exhibits going on right now, "American Dreams" and a photography exhibit that I loved! And, I was thrilled to see this painting by the Danish artist, Carl Bloch.

Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda

Not allowed to take pictures in the galleries..
but it was okay to take a picture of this "thingy" in the middle of the lobby.

A few highlights from the American Dream exhibit.. "Summer Time" and "Yankee Doodle" by Norman Rockwell.. an all American. A few pieces by Andy Warhol, including a Marilyn Monroe silkscreen print. Also, in another exhibit, several Rembrandt etchings dated from the 1600s. AND, someone's scriptures. It's ART!?

The photography exhibit was the highlight. I'm still trying to figure out what "oil on panel" means. It's a technique used to create this type of photo/painting (maybe). Up close this picture looks like a painting, but the detail is so remarkable I thought it was a photograph.

Is it an oil painting or a photograph? Can't tell. Whatever it is, it's fabulous and "there's a lot more where that came from."

Later, as far as the "eatable art," I attempted to make a delicate looking "Staked Puff Pastry" (something I saw on the Food Network). Mine turned out to be an oversize cherry tart. Huge! I could have fed the masses, and I enjoyed all two bits of it.

Saturday # 44 A Day with a Cute Beehive

After a call for help (a ride to the mall) I was thrilled to pick up my adorable niece (a brand new “Beehive”) and drive her to Orem to buy this… check out this cute knit headband from Tai Pan Trading.

Abby saved her money and really wanted one of these beauties, and since I fell in love with them too, I grabbed the sea-foam-blue band and Abby picked up a turquoise one. I’m glad I invested in this fashionable accessory, my ears are now toasty warm.

Next, we stepped into the “hot spot” for teen fashion ...Aeropostale. Love this store and since there was a huge 70% off sign dangling from the window I told Abs that we better scope it out and try on the latest trends.

I soon realized that Aeropostale’s size “medium” was similar to a size “xsmall” at JCPenney’s, ops…. aah, I mean Macy’s. But I wasn’t completely out of luck… I moved up a few sizes and found something that fit without splitting up the back.

Since this was a “Buy Two For $20” deal we decided to purchase two of these shirts to help keep the economy going. One for each of us. And wouldn’t you know… we picked out the exact same shirt, same color and all! Abby has a great eye for fashion and I followed her lead. Love it! I can’t wait to wear these to our next family party! Right Abs? ;)

Last but not least, we ended our outing at this tasty place.. “Noodles.” Abby ordered the Mac & Cheese and I tried their Pad Thai. Yummy! AND, we both wore our new matching headbands inside. I was a bit nervous though.. a few ladies gave us the “I want your headband look” so we sucked up our noodles pretty fast and made a mad dash for the door. I told Ab to keep running, and not look back… she did and we made it home safely, with headbands still on head.…. nahh. ☺

Thanks for a wonderful day Abby (my new fashion consultant)! I had a blast!

P.S. Due to a recent ice-skating incident, my camera was smashed… along with a new crack in my tailbone. Unfortunately no actual photos were taken of this particular Saturday – you’ll just have to take my word for it, with or without photo documentation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog Background Comment

I love Blue and Yellow! They are my favorite colors. But I'm not loving this background. I think it's the grid pattern on the yellow that's driving me nuts. Anyone else have an opinion? Anyone have a favorite spot for free blog backgrounds--besides Cutest Blog on the Block? And does anyone know where I can find a countdown clock for blogs? Similar to the baby birth count down...but obviously not that one specifically!

And don't you love it when you click the spell check and it comes back with "No misspellings found"? Yeah!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday #44-January 9, 2010

So, last week I enjoyed a bit of beauty pampering and time with my sisters. This Saturday, the theme continues with a visit to Krista Eastman at Cobble Creek Retreat. Krista is a Master Esthetician and Cobble Creek Retreat is the spa she runs out of her home in Highland. You can check out her blog:

I found a brochure for Krista and CCR at the gym just before the holidays. I was impressed with her pricing and range of services (someday I might do a blog about ear candling!) so I sent an email request for an appointment. Within minutes Krista called me back and we arranged for a Microdermabrasion Facial and Sugar/Mud Body scrub and mask. I LOVED both! pictures of either experience--it's kind of hard to take a picture of yourself when you're covered in mud and wrapped like a mummy in plastic and sheets or when your face is gooped up with lotions and potions! But I'm a fan! Don't be surprised if I mention Krista and CCR in future Saturday posts. It's part of my 2010 goal to put my best face forward!

What else made Saturday fun? Saturday night I went with Sam and Jen to see...

Sherlock Holmes! Any movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is bound to be good! And this movie lived up to the hype for me. I think we can chalk this up to another Saturday of Fun!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Saturday #43-January 2, 2010

Sister's Day Out! Yup, that was what I did on Saturday #43...the first Saturday of 2010. It was Kendra's birthday so we celebrated with a bit of beauty pampering, a bit of shopping, a bit of food!

Beauty Pampering (Maybe pampering isn't quite the right word...torture?)
Angela and Kendra introduced me to the wonder of threading. Ever heard of it? Have you ever taken a rubber band, twisted it up and then released it into someones hair? No? Yeah, me neither. But some kid in Jr. High did it to a girl sitting in front of him and it wasn't pretty! All her hair got tangled in the rubber band and the only way to get it out was by cutting a huge chunk of her hair off. Poor thing basically had a bald spot the rest of the school year. Not nice...not pretty! But, the concept applies to treading.

The technician (Natasha-who was excellent by the way) twists up some tread and then releases it on the hair. When she reapplies the tension in the tread it pulls the hair out. Quick and painless! Well, almost painless. And it doesn't hurt the skin like waxing can.

If you are in the Phoenix/Mesa/Tempe area and want to get your eyebrows done, go to India Bazaar, 933 E. University Dr., #115, 480-334-5579. It's only $8 to get your eyebrows done! Anyone know a good threading place in Utah?

So here's a picture of me getting my eyebrows and upper lip threaded...

Not to be left out, here are some photos of Angela and Kendra. Kendra was going to wimp out and not do her upper lip, but Natasha offered to do it for her as a birthday gift.

We went to Nordstrom's Last Chance to bargain shop for clothes and shoes. I got a couple of skirts on sale for $8.50 and some sweaters for $15.00. I also came home with a pair of New Balance running shoes for $12.50. Yup! Definitely bargains! But finding space in my luggage for these last minute purchases was a bit of a problem! Both sisters found fun things too. Too bad I don't have a picture of us with all our purchases.

For the second Saturday in a row I enjoyed some Thai food. No elephants at this place though. As always, the food was yummy. I'm a huge fan of the coconut soup and massaman curry. Wow! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. At the end of the meal we all got fortune cookies. Mine wasn't a fortune as much as it was a statement..."Love is the most valuable thing in life." So true!

So since it was her birthday on Saturday, let me tell you about my sister Kendra and why I love her. Kendra is just 18 months younger than I am. I think the earliest memory I have of her is when I was about 4 and she was 3. I had her stand against the brick wall in our basement and using the grout line between the bricks as a guide, attempted to cut her hair. I thought I was being clever and creative. But, basically when I was done I'd pretty much chopped off all her lovely long locks-and ended my career potential as a hair stylist.

Some of my favorite memories with Kendra have been our trips together--like a weekend camping trip to Zion's National Park ("Death race to the bottom!" and "A swamp in the desert? Yes!") and to England ("Nice phone box!").

And did I mention how creative and talented my sister is? She has more creative ability in her little finger than anyone I know! I have beautiful glass panels in my kitchen because Kendra took an idea out of a magazine and made it a reality for me. A couple of years ago she stocked my jewelry box with hand-made glass bead necklaces and earrings. And she sponsored, designed, choreographed, produced, advertised and managed two Dance-For-A-Baby fundraising shows to help raise adoption money for Angela & Tim and Brian & Janelle.

Kendra and I have different personalities and beliefs, but our relationship as sisters binds us together and gives us the common ground to develop a loving and respectful friendship. I admire and love my beautiful, talented, and amazing sister Kendra!

Happy Birthday Kendra!
For her birthday cake Angela and I attempted an Ace of Cakes-like creation...but not quite as extreme! I think it turned out pretty good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sat. # 41 Wrapped in "swaddling clothes?"

Ahoy “Sat o’ Fun” readers! An entry dedicated to those 3 folks wondering about my next tale. :)
Sorry "me hearties"... my ship log isn’t up to date, I’ve been preoccupied and thoroughly entertained by reading Amy’s tales.

Today, a few of my favorite things….
1. Family Christmas parties
2. Children nativity plays
3. An angel for "world peace"

4. A teddy bear wrapped in “swaddling clothes”… or, a towel
5. One wise woman
6. Two reverent wise men bowing to a Teddy Bear
7. One sleepy shepherd

8. An angel with a loose tooth
9. A dancing Joseph & giggling Mary

10. White elephant gifts & silly string!
11. Singing Christmas carols with laughing nieces and nephews.

and.. spending the holidays with my family!

All this = priceless!