Sunday, July 25, 2010

#20 July 24 Pioneer Heritage

July 24th is a holiday celebrating Utah's pioneer heritage. There's a parade in Salt Lake City, a rodeo, fireworks, all sorts of fun celebrations. What did I do to celebrate? Nothing, really.

But, I did have fun spending time with my mom. We spent Saturday shopping which is something we haven't done together in a very long time.

Later that evening we all went to Brian and Janelle's house to enjoy their new hot tub. It was fun, believe me. But pictures! (Your welcome Janelle!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

#19 July 17 110 in the Shade

The highlight of this Saturday was going to see "110 in the Shade" at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. The performance was amazing! I'm in awe at the amount of talent and the quality of the production! They even made it rain on stage--how cool is that?

I really enjoyed the performance...with maybe the exception of the song Lizzie sings about being an Old Maid. Yeah, the subject matter hit a little too close to home.

Thanks Samantha for the recommendation and thanks Jennifer for getting the tickets. It was definitely a fun thing to do!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

#18 July 10 Steel Days Fun

It was American Fork Steel Days this weekend. Don't you just love summer?
The day started early with a 5K...

Terri, Chelsea and I ran the Bob Phelps Memorial 5K, which was pretty fun. Although this 6 year old tried to pass me up a the finish line.

After the race it was a quick dash home to get ready for the parade. I love a good parade--sitting with friends, family and neighbors watching the police motorcycles drive by, the grand marshal waving from a classic old car, marching bands marching, fancy floats with pretty princesses, and kids running into the street trying to get the candy being thrown to the crowd--yup, a good parade.
My favorite entry in the parade was the Families Supporting Adoption trailer. Hooray for adoption! And hooray for Brian, Janelle, and Lauren who walked the parade with FSA and Lauren's birth grandmother, Maureen. They gave out Otter Pops--SWEET!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

#17 July 3 Celebrating Freedom

So the big news this weekend is that my best friends are finally home! Hooray! Technically my parents arrived in SLC on Friday, but it was Saturday in the Philippines. They've been in the Philippines for the past three years as missionaries for our Church.

I'm thrilled they're finally home, so I'm going to count it towards my Saturday of Fun! Besides, the rest of the weekend wouldn't nearly have been as much fun if they weren't home. Here they are...

Nearly all my siblings and their families were in town for my parents homecoming--which was perfectly timed to celebrate the 4th of July. Of course, there had to be fireworks! So I hosted Amy's traditional 4th of July Sidewalk Spectacular Fireworks display.

Here are the spectators...

Are you ready? Here's the show...

It was pretty spectacular this year. Especially the finale. You're invited to see the real thing, live and in person next year!