Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday #38-November 28, 2009

So, Jen and I had a little Red vs. Blue rivalry wager going on this weekend. And since BYU won the football game on Saturday, I've modified the blog background accordingly!

Here's a little collage of photos from the game. Let me tell was FUN!!!

Before the game started, I had lunch with some of my favorite people. Max & Brityn were in town for Thanksgiving, so they stopped in at Brian & Janelle's house for lunch. It was fun to visit and play with the girl's. I love my nieces! Lauren and Madeline are so much FUN!

Before lunch, I did something I've wanted to do for a long time--a mini Triathlon! Terri joined me for a 3 mile run on treadmills, a 10 mile ride on stationary bikes, and 1/2 a mile swim (36 laps) in the pool. We did all three activities in about 2.5 hours. It was a great way to burn off some of the calories from Thanksgiving. And even though I finished feeling tired and sore, I felt accomplished. I'd definitely count it as FUN!

So, there you go, from finish to start, my Saturday of FUN!
(Hey wait, how did all those red U's get in my posting? Jen?)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday #37 Addendum

Okay, so I didn't see New Moon on Saturday. I saw it at on Thursday night thanks to my friend Tricia who hosted a client appreciation event at Thanksgiving Point. So technically, I can't blog about it on my Fun Saturday Blog.

But as my friend Samantha pointed out, I THOUGHT about it on Saturday!

My question..."How could you not think about this?"

Saturday #37-November 21, 2009

RATS!!! I totally forgot to take my camera with me on Saturday, so I have no photo documentation of the fun! Sorry!!!

Saturday was the BYU vs. Air Force football game and I've been looking forward to this game all season for one very specific reason--the FLYOVER! Since our seats are in the North end zone, it's the perfect place to be when the jets fly from South to North over the stadium. And this year was perfect! Four jets (sorry, missed the announcement of what kind of jets) flew low over the stadium. First you see them, and then you hear them. "The sound of freedom" according to Terri. I totally agree!

Insert mental picture of jets flying over the stadium...

Okay, so if the flyover was the best part, the second best thing about the game was the game itself. BYU won 38 to 21! Thanks to Terri for going with me to "Rise and Shout" the cougars on to victory. I really wish I had a picture of the two of us bundled up against the cold. Luckily it didn't snow!

Insert mental picture of Terri and I bundled up in hats, gloves, coats, blankets, etc...

The third best thing about the game? Our excellent parking spot!!! Terri's sister Laura has a parking pass for Lot #1...the parking lot at the stadium, at the South end. Since she wasn't going to the game, she let us borrow the parking pass. Seriously, we couldn't have had a better place to park and I was more than tempted to "borrow" the pass for next week's game too.

Insert mental picture of my Rav 4 parked right by the South entrance to the stadium...

Brian called during the first quarter to tell me he saw us on TV! I went to his house after the game to check it out, and this is what he saw.
Can you see Terri and I? It's like "Where's Waldo?"! And unless you know our seats are just West of the band, right below the section II entrance, you'd have no clue were to look for us.

I had Brian freeze the next frame and then took a picture of the TV with my camera. Even with his High Def big screen TV, you can barely tell there are two little heads in the red circle. Yup, that's us! Our big TV debut.

While I was at it, I grabbed a quick snapshot of two of my favorite people...Brian and Lauren. Hmmm...I think there is a definite lack of BYU blue in this photo. At least Lauren got it right!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday #36-November 14, 2009

I love Christmas! It's one of my favorite holidays. With that being said, however, I am one of those people who believes that Christmas celebrations should not start until after Thanksgiving!

Ba! Humbug! To Christmas music, Christmas events, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and Christmas shopping until AFTER watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, overeating turkey, mom's stuffing, and 7 layer Jello, and a few hours of post-dinner football. The Friday after Thanksgiving is when I think it's okay to start putting up the tree and lights and turning on the Christmas tunes.

So, I will admit I had a hard time getting into the spirit of things when I went to the Gingerbread Festival at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday.

The Gingerbread Festival is an event hosted by the BSA in support of art education and the PTA and showcases gingerbread houses decorated by boy scout troops and elementary school classes from all over the valley. There were some pretty creative decorating going on! It was fun to see how candy can be used to create rooftops and chimneys and fires and pathways and wreaths and windows and doors and fenses...

And there were some pretty amazing "professional" gingerbread houses...

Decorating and eating my own gingerbread cookie and sipping hot chocolate helped jump start the holiday spirit.

But, just so you all know, despite having fun at the Gingerbread Festival, I didn't run home and start up the Christmas music while I hung Christmas light. Oh no, no, no! My fall leaves and Autumn Harvest decor is staying up until the day after Thanksgiving. We still have still almost two weeks until the Christmas celebrations can official begin!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday #35-November 7, 2009

After sleeping in (always one of my favorite fun things to do!)...
And after getting a text message from a friend with a reminder not to sleep the day away...
And after having fun helping Brian and Janelle move...
And after having fun decorating Lauren's new Curious George room...
And after having fun cheering BYU's victory over Wyoming with Terri...
And after having fun washing my car...
And after having fun cleaning my kitchen (even behind the fridge and under the stove)...
And after having fun watching BBC's Lilies (episodes 1-3)...
And after having fun doing my laundry...
And after having fun preparing my lesson for Young Women's on Sunday...
That's when I read all the suggestions my FaceBook friends made for my Saturday O' Fun!

Amy E. Smith I need something fun to do tomorrow for my 52funsaturdays blog. Any suggestions? November 6 at 3:38pm
Brian S. Smith You could help me move! November 6 at 4:16pm
Samantha Harris How about a nice hike somewhere like to Cascade Springs or go horseback riding... November 6 at 4:22pm
John McCord Come over and help me and Samantha decorate, rewire and fit out our kitchen? I'll make the food! Spaghetti Bolognese or chicken fajitas tomorrow? November 6 at 4:36pm
Janelle Jeffrey Smith I agree with Brian. We're fun! November 6 at 4:42pm
Angela Lorenzen Use your standby ticket and come visit me! November 6 at 5:06pm
Matthew Campbell Fly a kite in Autumn. November 6 at 6:47pm
Teresa Smith Royce The PAJAMA party at 9AM at Jordan Commons for the movie Christmas Carol 3D in the IMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 6 at 8:36pm
James Williams Go up to Snowbird and take a free ride up the tram. Walk down a little and catch the ski lift down. A little cold but way fun. I'll go with if you want! November 6 at 9:39pm
Teresa Smith Royce I just heard about Snowbird thing. You could go there AFTER my pajama party. Come on, how often can you wear your pajamas to a movie theatre? I have some new cuddly zebra print I plan to style. You can bring James too. I will throw in the popcorn November 6 at 10:26pm
Samantha Harris Oh you should definitely do the Snowbird idea! Sat at 12:03am
Samantha Harris With all these great choices...what did you do??? Sun at 10:16am
Teresa Smith Royce not the pajama party :((( Sun at 12:01pm
Amy E. Smith Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Man! I wish I would have checked FB on Saturday morning. Flying a kite or hiking up Snowbird would have been great fun! Sorry Teresa, even a PJ party wouldn't tempt me to see Christmas Carol. Give me a few days and I'll post Saturday of fun activities on my blog for all of you to read about! Monday at 9:49am

Lesson learned? My friends are a lot more fun than I am! I should listen to them all more often.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saturday #34-October 31, 2009

What happens in Vegas...
stays in Vegas...