Thursday, August 5, 2010

#20-July 24 once again... Garden of Eden

Once again I ventured to Eden for another get-away.. this time my family join me and we had a blast!

Swimming, hot tubbing, fishing, more swimming, games every night until 2-3 a.m. (my new favorites.. Ticket To Ride Europe & Settlers of Catan), boondoggle keychains, did I mention swimming, and movies.. remember the antics of Pippi Longstocking - I'm amazed at how funny they are.. funny for other reasons at this age.. hilarious!

And last but not least... our "hootenanny" breakfast that nearly burned the place down... but it was worth every bite, delicious!
I'm sure the neighbors didn't mind the fire alarm and smoke.

Lucy Golfing

#18-July 10th What's A Birdie?

I was politely asked to compete in our company's annual Golf game this year...

Sort of flattered by the request and expecting a bow and complimentary cool drink to go along with the invite, nope.

Hmm, do I look like I golf?

"Free shirt & breakfast?"
"Yes.. I'd love to play, thank you."

Maybe I can fake it?

Our team.. Yasue, Jina, and Katy.

Notice how I'm holding this club.. "Swing batter, batter....?"

Knees bent, eye on the ball ladies.

In a couple spots we threw your balls on the green to help speed up the game... because some people get a little impatient waiting to begin a hole - especially when the line is really backed up.

How did we do? Dead last.. but it was a success to me, my stomach hurt from laughing & I had fun!
Next step: CC ed. golf class.

I kept thinking of this I Love Lucy episode - yep, this was comparable.