Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That's right, we're having a giveaway! And since there's half a dozen of you following our blog on a regular basis, the chances of winning are really good!

My Saturday o' Fun this weekend will be part of a cross country road trip from Utah to New York. I leave on Friday and hope to arrive on Sunday. I'll fill you in on all the details on my Saturday blog entry. I'm actually excited for this road trip adventure, even though it means hours and hours in the car. With a couple of movies and books on my iPhone, I should be just fine!

So, now to the giveaway...
Google Maps is projecting the trip from Salt Lake City, UT to New Rochelle, NY will take 35-36 hours. I'm going to time it and see how long it really takes. I'm only counting drive time here, not rest/potty/food/sleep stops.

What's your guess?

You have until midnight (Mountain) on Monday, May 31st to post your guess as a comment to this entry. You only get one guess so make it good!

What will you win?

The person who gets the closest wins a $5.00 gift certificate to Mrs. Fields Cookies. Even if your guess is over, if it's still the closest, compared to all the other guesses, you get the prize.

Good luck! (To you and to me!)

I'll announce the winner on my blog posting. Since I don't get home until Tuesday night (luckily I'm flying home) it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday before I post my entry.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#11-May 22, 2010 Am I getting old?

I didn't have big plans this Saturday, which was nice for a change.

In the morning I had a great workout, cleaned part of my house, and then spent an hour or so on my garden. (One day I'll post a picture of my genius watering system that only took 20 minutes--after years of figuring it out--to set up!) I wanted to get some tomatoes and zucchini planted, but I ran out of time. Which in hindsight turned out to be a good thing, since they would have been tortured by the snow on Monday. But all that bending, lifting, twisting and kneeling really did a number on my lower back. See? I'm getting old!

I spent the afternoon with my friend Tricia, who I haven't seen in AGES!!! We decided to take in an afternoon matinee. And since I haven't seen her baby--cute little Pyper--since she was born, I picked Tricia up. Let me tell you, Pyper is adorable. Wish I had a picture to prove it, but take my word for it, she's a cutie!

So, then we went to see Letters to Juliet. Here's another reason why I think I'm getting old (or maybe cynical or maybe I just wasn't in the mood) 'cause I thought it was completely cheesy, dumb, predictable and over acted. I'd barely give it one star! Sorry to be so critical, especially if you loved it. Maybe I should just stick to action and suspense flicks with hunky heroes?

And do you know what they need in at the movie theater? Massage chairs! Like the ones they have at the nail salon. Yup! I'd pay extra to enjoy a massage during my movie! See...I'm totally OLD!!!

Later that evening, after saying goodbye to Tricia and having dinner with my blog buddy Jen, I was craving a treat. Chocolate cake to be exact! It's probably a good thing that Flour Girls & Dough Boys and Dippidee are closed at 8:00 on a Saturday night. Otherwise I'm sure I would have (over)indulged! Craving chocolate probably isn't a sign of old age--just the reality of being female.

Jen and I ended the day with a soak in our neighbor's hot tub. Ahhh...heaven! My aching muscles would like to thank Jim for sharing his new toy. And I would have posted a picture of us in the hot tub, but I forgot I had my camera. Forgetfulness--another sign that I'm getting old! And then my camera ended up taking a little bath in the hot tub when we put the cover back on. RATS! Guess that means I'm buying a new one for my birthday.

Hmmm...birthday...maybe that's why I'm feeling old!

Monday, May 17, 2010

#10-May 15, 2010 Celebrating a Graduate

My brother Joseph graduated from UofA Law School this weekend. I went to Arizona to help celebrate his success!

There were some other proud people there to cheer loud when his name was read...
Like Amy M, Joseph's wife...

His kids--Will, Emily, and Banner...

And Grandma Alberta...
This was her 5th graduation! In honor of my grandpa Al, Joseph wore one of his ties.

My sisters and my aunt were there too, along with Amy M's family.

I'm proud of my brother and his accomplishments. He is an amazing man with some wonderful talents and abilities! I'm excited for the opportunities ahead of him! Plus, every family should have a lawyer, right?

After the graduation ceremony, we headed back to Kendra's for a little party. The food--tasty. The company--entertaining. The patio weather--PERFECT! Check out these HUGE strawberries! A direct result of a food samplers at Costco.

And these were fabulous...
Grilled zucchini on grilled bread topped with ricotta and basil. Yum!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

#9-May 8,'s about love!

I spent Saturday morning at a Adoption celebration in Provo. I believe in adoption 100%. Without it, we wouldn't have this face in our family...

Lauren is adored and loved by both her families. Here's Janelle, Brian and Maureen (Lauren's birth Grandmother) walking in honor of Brittany and birth mom #2.

Hey, if you know of anyone looking to place their baby with a loving family, I know of at least two great families who would love to adopt:

Playing soccer! She got the concept right away. Maybe she should give her mom some lessons?

Looks like someone else in our family is not to keen on Cosmo. A couple of years ago when Angela, Athena, and I went to a BYU football game, Athena spent the whole time making sure Cosmo stayed away from our section of the stadium.

Speaking of adoption--I wanted to take this little thing home! And then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I'm not a pet person."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#8- May 1, Eden... Garden of?

If it wasn't for the wind, snow, and chilly temps.. this valley is a close second to the Garden of Eden. Beautiful! And since we enjoyed our last visit (Feb) Amy, Samantha and I decided to spend another fun weekend up Ogden Canyon.

After breakfast at "The Oaks" (our new favorite breakfast spot), we drove up the canyon to check out the famous Powder Mountain Ski Resort. Instead of skiing down these slopes, Amy and Samantha decided to roll down them. A new Olympic sport? It takes some special camera skills to capture the "true effects.. should have filmed them as they rolled along, their laughter was contagious!

Since I was sporting a slight cold (wimp) I decided against the rolling and snow angeling (somehow I ended up with an obnoxious cold by Sunday anyway and should of participated in the all snow fun).

Later we hiked around Eden, played WWii Sports, watched a couple moves, sat in the hot tub during a snow storm.. (hence my cold) and ate a scrumptious dinner at Harley & Bucks.

Thanks Amy & Samantha for a very relaxing, perfect Saturday O' Fun!

Amy (a.k.a. wonder woman) attempting to enter the ski lift via emergency ladder.