Saturday, March 20, 2010

#3-March 27, 2010--iPhone Fun!

My reward for getting my house completely clean (see #2) was the following PRIZE...

I've been waiting two years to get my iPhone. And it's sad that a possession can make me so happy! Now I can play Scrabble with Jen. And if Jen could just get one, we could play Scrabble at church--ummm, just kidding. We would NEVER play Scrabble at church.

#2-March 20, 2010--Spring Cleaning!

I've been counting down the Saturdays until I could start deep cleaning my house. And boy, did my house need it! With every Saturday for the past year being filled with fun activities, I haven't had the time to get it really, truly, deep down in every nook and cranney, cleaned.

Since it was too big a job to do it all by myself, I bribed (with money and food) a few of my favorite people to come help me.

Madison, McKell, and Ashely came to help--which definitely added to the fun of cleaning my house. I think my expectations were a little unrealistic, because we didn't get everything on the list checked off. That's okay because there's always next Saturday, right?
P.S. We went for lunch at the Blue Lemon in Alpine. It's one of the best places for a meal in Utah County. Plus, they have Nanimo Bars!

Monday, March 15, 2010

#1-March 13, 2010--We begin again!

We started Year Two the way we started Year One--SNOW SHOEING in Midway, Utah. This time we took friends...

Chelsea, Terri, Kyung, Jen, & Amy!

Amy kept promising that we were almost to the top. And when we finally got there, five starving women ate lunch.

On our way down, we stopped in a meadow to play...snow angels, snow ball fights, white washes, igloos, snowmen...okay, really just the angels.

Here's our fearless leader! She set a great pace!

And see the top of the mountain? Yes...we climbed up that, plus some!

To see how it all began, click here...
To see the first time Jen and Amy climbed this mountain, click here...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#52-Saturday, March 6, 2010

OUR BIG FINALE TO (the first round of) 52 FUN SATURDAYS!

We ended our first round of 52 fun Saturdays in a big, spectacular and outrageously fun fashion! We have pictures to prove how much fun we had! Our theme for the day? Two of the four elements—WATER & WIND!

The water? Jen surfed! The wind? Amy flew!

(We have videos of us both, but they are probably too bit to post in a blog. We'll keep trying, because they were a lot of fun to make.)

In typical Jen and Amy style, we ended the day with one of our favorite activities. But of course, being #52, we couldn't do things the plain old fashioned way, we did extravagantly in 3D! We highly recommend Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp! Yeah!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday # 51 SWA

Spontaneous Weekend Adventure!!
It begin with a phone call. Jennifer called Amy Friday afternoon, at the spur of the moment, while humming show tunes to herself.
"Hello Sister Smith."
"Well, Heelllo, Sister Dean." (Yes this is how we always address one another.)
"Guess What?"
"What?" (Okay, there may have been some other dialogue, but we're getting to the point here.)
"I was just handed a key to a condo to Eden, Utah!"
"Where the heck is Eden?"
"I have no idea! But it's for tonight only."
"Let's GO! And let's get Samantha to go with us!"

So, we SPONTANEOUSLY made a quick decision and left work as soon as possible to pack our bags. We started our adventure after a lovely dinner at Magelby's Fresh in Springville with friends (thanks Jim!), then dashed to our car and drove 1.5 hours to Eden (Eden is nestled in the quaint mountain glen of Odgen Canyon a popular 2002 Winter Olympic venue).

Even though we arrived at 11:33ish, we stayed awake anxiously engaged in playing "Settler's of Catan" (a strategic game of community building and resource collecting). Our friend Samantha, newbee to the game, skillfully ran us out of Catan! We call for a rematch!

We turned in for a cat nap before our "Saturday o' Fun" really began ("Aahh.. the comfort of a King bed, all to myself," says Jennifer).

After our naps, we awoke bright and early in search of the HOT TUB, while Samantha slept in (smart girl!). However, Jennifer was the only one who indulged in the HOT TUB, because SOMEBODY, "A BODY" forgot her bathing suit and wasn't wiling to soak in her PJ's. Too bad! So sad! (Jennifer wouldn't let me insert the picture of her in the hot tub, even though it was a perfectly decent, not too much skin photo.)

Our attempt to spontaneously jump from the balcony was captured on film. Luckily, there are some stupid yet spontaneous things we just don't follow through with...

We left the condo and headed back down the canyon where we spontaneously decided to have breakfast at a little diner called, "The Oaks." We indulged in cheese omelets topped with avocado, sprouts, and the best, gosh, darn salsa this side of.... somewhere. Oh, and did we mention the thick slices of wheat toast? Yummy!

(Please note the Canadian flag in the photo! Our tribute to the 2010 Winter Olympics and foreshadow of events to come...)

We mad-dashed it down the canyon and South on I-15 (of course going the speed limit) to Highland so Amy could arrive at her appointment by noon (see previous Saturday post about Cobble Creek Spa) and that's where we all went our separate ways.

Stay tuned for Saturday #51 part two (individual posts).