Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday #50 Avoid Quilting Mistakes

I recommend the "Beginner's Top Flops & Solutions" guide to get you through some tough situations.

Amy has quilting skills. Over a year ago she offered to share these skills and teach me how to make a quilt. We are both making a "block a month" quilt. Hooray for talented, domestic friends. Thanks for teaching me Sister Smith! We're in the final stretch now and we hope to wrap these up next month? But... this Saturday I had some hiccups with my October block.

The pattern looks simple, however my sewing machine (from the speciality sewing store... "Costco") flashed a "technical issue, please stand by" alert. Okay? Basically, all I really needed to do was swap "feet" and shift into another gear but I didn't realize this until after I spent a few hours tinkering with the machine and sewing random, pretty stitches on my October pumpkin scraps.

So, to help keep me motivated today, I decided to consult the beginner's quilting guide..

"The most common mistake of beginning quilters is strangely the reason that attracted them to the art - the pattern. While visiting a museum or flipping through a book, they see a quilt that ASTOUNDS them. They want to make that quilt and they want to make it NOW."

"Your first quilt is a reflection of who you ARE at this MOMENT in time. (LOL!) The pattern, the fabric, the quilting design all reflect who YOU ARE right now (I am a giant pumpkin square). Included with that are your mistakes. Love them. Appreciate them. Without them, you will not be able to see your growth" (I do like button holes, even without the buttons).

I'm enjoying this new hobby! I don't know if this quilting thing "ASTOUNDS" me, but I'm going to at least put down on my "wife's resume" that I have quilting skills, at this "MOMENT IN TIME."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday #50-February 20, 2010

Youth Conference--Heber Valley
I love my calling with the Young Women.

They are a fun bunch to hang out with, even when we're camping in freezing cold temperatures in the middle of winter! I love my leader friends too. They are just as much fun to be with as the girls!

Heber Valley Camp is a beautiful place! Especially in the winter and everything coated in white. It really is an "outdoor temple without a roof!"

We stayed in cabins that were "heated" by this itty-bitty heater. We loved our little heater! It didn't give off much heat, but it was a comfort to know it was there. I'd say most of us weren't 100% prepared for winter camping. So, a few of the girls huddled together and played games to stay warm.

We played outside most of the day. We enjoyed all the outdoor winter activities--sledding (I even took my turn on the sleds-I'm holding the yellow one), making snow angels, and of course the obligatory "white wash!"

And how many kids can fit into a big, old sled?

Which then begs the question, how many kids break their arm? But if he hadn't broken his arm, he probably wouldn't have received this huge bear hug from his concerned older brother... awwwww!

Out Here in the Snow...

So press forward, my friend, with a brightness of hope,
Whether life's journey at times is uphil or down slope.
You'll have ups and downs and so will your friends;
Help them walk life's path wherever it wends.
For wending and sinding you'll walk on your way
Until you get back to the place you will stay,
A place we'll call Home when at last we are there,
A kingdom of glory where we can be heir
To all of the blessings and joys God intends,
And be with our loved ones and family and friends,
The folks that we journeyed with down here below,
The same ones who helped us...out here in the snow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday #49-February 13, 2010

Jennifer and I went snowshoeing at the Wasatch Mountain State Park up near Heber. We rented snowshoes and then hit the 3 mile long Visitor Center Loop.

1200+ calorie burning activity.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday #48-February 6, 2010

Visiting with Rachel & Lottie...
On Saturday I spent some time with two of my favorite people...Rachel and Charlotte! Rachel is my cousin and Lottie is her daughter and they live in Milan, Italy. It's always a treat to have them visit! Lottie is so much fun! She has a big personality in such a tiny body. I think she and I are going to be the best of friends...even though she lives so far away! I have a cute video clip of her...sorry that it's sideways...

Painted toes...
It's a tradition for Rachel and I to get a pedicure when she comes to visit. Teresa (my aunt) came with us and it was fun to visit while getting pampered. I went with a sparkle grey/taupe color which wasn't quite as dark as I had hoped for. Teresa got red for Valentine's Day and Rachel (her feet are in the multi colored flip flops) went with a bright pink/red color. I always have polish color regret, especially after seeing their cute toes! Maybe next time I'll go with the bright green I was originally contemplating.