Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday #3, March 28 2009

I escaped Utah--the snow and cold--and flew down to Arizona for the weekend. Part of my Saturday fun included the following:

Holding a snake...

Playing with my nieces and nephews...

Styling Fiona's hair for her fashion show...

Shopping for IKEA Billy bookcases with Joseph and Amy M. and then assembling IKEA Billy bookcases with Angela and Kendra...

Did I mention HOLDING A SNAKE???

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday #2, March 21, 2009

Activity: Random things that made this Saturday fun.

We started our second Saturday 'O Fun by going to the gym. Aren't we so healthy? It's a good thing we went, but we'll get to that later. After the gym we went our separate to get my toes painted (I saw this weird Loch Ness type monster on the drive home) and Jen to take a nap. I'm sure she did other things too, but I envy her nap. I didn't get one.

In the afternoon we decided to see a movie...Duplicity (three stars, maybe) where I ran into random friends from the past. Weird. Oh, and at the movie we both got the kid's snack box of popcorn with a small drink and a sour apple candy chew. Yum! I need to remember the kid's size is always perfect...just the right amount of popcorn, not too much beverage so you have to leave in the middle of the movie for a run to the restroom, and just enough sweet to balance out the salt.

After the movie we headed to Wal-mart to purchase accessories for our custom-made Draper Temple Dedication handkerchiefs. What started out as kind of a joke (how gaudy and outlandish can we make them) turned out not half bad. Jen has lace and a few white flowers sewn to her hankie and I have lace and white puff paint lettering on mine.

Oh yeah, and I bought a new bike at Wal-mart. A bike! A BIKE! I'm so excited (Jen told me to say that...but really I am excited!). It's a lovely shade of steel blue. And yes Mom, I bought a helmet too. It's grey and matches the bike perfectly (of course it matches! Although it was a toss up between the grey one and the Hannah Montana one!)

We also bought new shoes! They were only $10.00 and in lovely spring shades. I guess we are craving spring! Plus, a girl can never have too many shoes. See Jen's cute spring shoes? She promises me she will never wear them again with black socks.
We ended our Saturday with a quick bite to eat at the Whistle Stop Ice Cream Chinese cafe. Odd, but tasty. But, really it's a good thing we started the day at the gym.

Saturday #1 March 14, 2009

Activity: Snowshoeing in Midway, Utah

We started our Year of Saturday Fun by snowshoeing on one of the last good snow days in Wasatch Cougar Country (Jen told me to call it that). Here we are at the top of the hill I made Jennifer climb. I've discovered that if I issue a challenge, she doesn't often say no. So even though we were both exhausted...I mean drop dead tired!...I said, "Let's go to that tree up there" and she said, "Okay. Last one there gets eaten by the cougar." Jennifer won...I stopped to use my inhaler. The sick one always gets taken out first...

We had so much fun! In fact, we are thinking of investing in snowshoes for next winter. Expect to see more snowshoeing adventures in about 45 weeks. Does this next photo remind you of Big Foot, sans the hair? At least Jen is smiling!

Okay, by her own admission, Jennifer needs to take a photography class, as indicated by following the video clip, which was suppose to be me, posing for a photo and somehow ended up being a lovely shot of blue sky and aspen trees. Listen for Jennifer's self satisfied "yeah" indicating that she got the photo. Umm..."yeah"???