Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday #? Aug 27-29 Surviving The Wild Wilderness

Here we are at Payson Lakes, The Happy Campers. Despite the thunder & lightening, assembling the tent in a down pour, and the arrest and ambulance in the campsite next door, we had a wonderful time in the beautiful wilderness (wilderness w/ amenities).

Now.. you may or may not be asking yourself... "What do they like most about camping?" For me.. it's the food, the outdoor smells, blazing fires, toasty marshmallows, & star gazing.. + camping with some pretty great campers.

The Happy Campers

CAMPING HIGHLIGHTS & misc. photos of...

"52Saturdays" is now an approved word in Scrabble... a favorite game of the Happy Campers

A beautiful tent (Thanks Brian & Janelle!)

Samantha's first time Kayaking.

Amy and Terri strategically loaded these kayaks. Well done ladies!

Jen pretending to know how to fly fish...

Amy is a gourmet cook! Check out our fabulous stuffed mushrooms & sausage dish, + dinner roast & yummy potatoes. It was delicious! Smores for dessert.

Ducks at the lake - no, they were not included in our dinner.. or were they?

Amy & Terri kayaking.

Needless to say, I dreamed of stuffed mushrooms & smores days after our loverly trip.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful time!

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Julie J. said...

That looks like it was the best camping trip ever! You girls are so much fun!