Thursday, August 5, 2010

#18-July 10th What's A Birdie?

I was politely asked to compete in our company's annual Golf game this year...

Sort of flattered by the request and expecting a bow and complimentary cool drink to go along with the invite, nope.

Hmm, do I look like I golf?

"Free shirt & breakfast?"
"Yes.. I'd love to play, thank you."

Maybe I can fake it?

Our team.. Yasue, Jina, and Katy.

Notice how I'm holding this club.. "Swing batter, batter....?"

Knees bent, eye on the ball ladies.

In a couple spots we threw your balls on the green to help speed up the game... because some people get a little impatient waiting to begin a hole - especially when the line is really backed up.

How did we do? Dead last.. but it was a success to me, my stomach hurt from laughing & I had fun!
Next step: CC ed. golf class.

I kept thinking of this I Love Lucy episode - yep, this was comparable.

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